Who is Roberta Iliprandi?

Can we talk about your story in the world of leather goods as a family story?

I am a woman, a mother and a creative. I was born in the world of leather goods, since I was a little girl I used to play with leather and throw myself at it... the family business, in fact, was right next door and has a long tradition behind it. The tannery was founded in 1923 by my grandmother and has been handed down from generation to generation: my father, my brother and now my son too.

When and how was the ILI Milano brand born? And the collaboration with your daughter Ginevra?

ILI Milano was born eight years ago from my congenital passion for leather, which prompted me to want to create bags for all women. The collaboration with my daughter began in April 2020, during the lockdown, when we took advantage of the time we spent together to carry out a common project. We have valued our two complementary personalities to complement each other: I represent the creative soul of the brand, Geneva the more practical-administrative one. His contribution is very important to me, not only for a comparison between different points of view, but also and above all with regard to the commercial part, which he helped me develop.

What are the stylistic-distinctive features of your bags?

The feature that certainly distinguishes my bags more than any other is the closure. The inspiration comes from my trip to China, during which, rummaging in an antique shop in Hong Kong, I was fascinated by the closures of some trunks made according to the local artisan tradition. Since they reflect my personality a lot, I decided to transpose them on my creations, logging them with my brand.

Elegance of the finishes and attention to detail, starting from the interiors, covered with quality fabrics and embellished with decorative elements, such as stars, glitter and many other brilliant and original ideas. But where does the inspiration come from?

The interiors derive from my personal taste and my way of being. In fact, I love everything that glitters and stands out, albeit with elegance. So my desire is to make bags that, when opened, are even more beautiful. I never use one-color fabrics, but I dedicate myself with passion to the research of materials to create particular and unique creations, in every minimum detail, even the most hidden one.

How important are Made in Italy craftsmanship and the quality of the leathers of your production?

Made in Italy is everything to me. Italy boasts a manufacturing tradition recognized and appreciated all over the world. I am proud that my bags are made by local artisans, who sew not only with machines but also by hand. In our production, the use of fine leathers is accompanied by excellent craftsmanship for the creation of unique pieces.

How is the Ili Milano woman?

The ILI Milano woman is a charming, sensual and elegant woman with a rock soul. She is undoubtedly a mysterious woman, because each of us hides our secrets inside the bag… Especially with that closure!

Projects and dreams for the future?

The desire is to continue to improve production, passing through careful and meticulous research, to further affirm the uniqueness of the ILI Milano universe.

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