The Designers

The collaboration between mother and daughter began during the Lockdown in April 2020 on the occasion of a job offer from China in which Geneva has a strong interest having lived for a period in Shanghai.
From that moment they understood that their bond could be useful for consolidating the ILI MILANO brand.
Roberta and Ginevra take care of the brand in every detail and divide the work between the creative part and that
administration, creating a deep understanding in every aspect of their work. Roberta: "I love working with her: she scolds me when I don't
I understand and stand up to me when it comes to talking to customers, we compensate for each other".
Geneva: "Although working in a family isn't always easy, having such a person by my side
creative and outgoing helps me to express myself at my best, my mother has a very bubbly character".
Together they represent an excellent family union and a perfect team of women.

The Brand

ILI_MILANO was founded in 2018 by Roberta Iliprandi, daughter of three generations of tanners.
Roberta grew up playing in the family leather business and her passion has always been to be able to create something unique
for women to make them feel special. This is why each bag has different types of leather and colors, which contribute to making each model unique.
ILI_MILANO aims to create bags that are suitable for all women, regardless of age or gender.