Craftmanship: the Process


ILI_MILANO bags have all the comforts that a women's bag should have: they are light, roomy and the shoulder strap can be used in different ways.

Each bag has different fabrics inside: like the Kamasutra, with gold flowers on a black background or with fluorescent pink flowers on a blue background, but we also find glitter and neutral colors, for every type of personality from the most "sparkling" to the most "classic ".

The ILI_MILANO bags are characterized by a very particular closure, created by the designer Roberta during her trip to Hong Kong. Going into an antique shop, Roberta noticed some old trunks and they were an immediate source of inspiration for her.

The closure of ILI_MILANO has something erotic: it consists of a round buckle in which we find this chain with a small spear that is inserted into the center of these holes.

Skin Selection

In our shop you will find a wide range of leather bags, made with craftsmanship using top quality leathers. The workmanship and the top quality material allows you to have unique and fashionable bags.
The elegance of the finishes and the attention to detail of our genuine leather items will be immediately visible from your first purchase.
To produce our bags we use the best Italian leather production facilities.

Made In Italy

All our items are made by our master craftsmen with leathers tanned in Italy respecting the historical tradition of the processing and production of leather objects, garments and accessories.
The master craftsman in leather goods is a key figure, without whom production could not take place, and it is precisely in this perspective that the craftsmanship of our Made in Italy takes on value.
Our bags are designed and built in Milan, the world-renowned fashion capital.